Artist Statement

“According to research, once our survival needs are met, no single aspect of our lives contributes more to our satisfaction with life or to our sense of psychological well-being than our intimate relationships. Yet despite our best efforts, the seeds of relationship demise are often visible from the very beginning”. *

** Dr. Prager PhD, Counselling Psychology, University of Texas, Austin

Alongside an interest in portraiture, my practice investigates the intimacy of relationships from their birth through to death and is partially influenced by life experience. It looks at the all consuming “throw of passion,” family dynamics, divorce to online dating and infidelity and will often resonate with the viewer because of its pervasive theme. Some research has taken me online into dating sites and chatrooms to explore the themes of intimacy further.

I use traditional and digital painting methods as a way of creating art. This involves both iPad and Corel Painter 12,  oils, acrylics and digital collage.

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