Surrey Wives

                     Surrey Wives (Acrylic and resin on board 2018/19


Surrey Wives is based on the experience and observation of the affluent, “Stay-at-home” mums of Surrey, where the artist resides and works. Herself, not being a part of this phenomenon, but merely obseving during her time raising a family, found these ‘mums’ amusing to watch as their physical uniformity graced the school playground in groups during drop offs and pick ups.

Surrey Wives attempts to capture a sardonic view of the lives of these women as if in a glass bubble that is both confining and predictable. Whereby keeping up appearances, not straying far from the uniformity of their comfortable lives, big houses, perfect kids, perfect bodies and affluent husbands who feed their affluent lifestyles. Women who do coffee, lunch and gym in between ferrying their kids from one after school activity to another in their 4 x 4’s and employ help to organise their lives from their ‘Ivory Towers’

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